What Are Soy Wax Candles?

The question that we are asked the most is, "what are soy wax candles?"  It is also the question we are most delighted to answer!  Candles can be made from many different types of wax.  Paraffin is probably the most well known, but there are also other waxes such as rapeseed, coconut, beeswax and soy.  


Some cheaper candles have so many additives mixed in to them so that they can throw off some scent.  We don't add palm oil, additives etc to our soy wax candles.  Only essential oils or fragrance depending on your personal preference.

But on a personal level for one of the owners of Lakes & Hills, this is where it got interesting.  For many years, she always loved candles in her home.  It's wasn't just about the scent, but the ambience and glow they add to a room too.   She never really gave lighting candles any great thought, until her migraine headaches got continually worse.  She was sneezing constantly and her husbands asthma worsened. She generally felt unwell, and could never put a finger on what was wrong, after all, she ate a very healthy diet, got lots of exercise, did not smoke and hardly drank any alcohol.  It was only when she read an interesting article in the newspaper about the dangers of some cheaper candles, and thought that she might as well cut them out, to see if either of them noticed any change.  


It was at that time, she removed all artificial air fresheners too.  Within a month, both of them were feeling much better and not suffering some of the awful symptoms they had previously suffered. Problem was, was that she still missed lighting her candles, and it was due to a power cut and having to light her old candles again, that she decided to produce them herself but with different ingredients and components.  Many months of hard work, tests and trials led her to produce the soy wax candles in the UK that we have at Lakes & Hills today.  

Some of her friends were complaining that many other candles were creating soot marks against their walls, so developing the soy wax candles have definitely been a labour of love, not just for herself but her friends.  But put short, lighting some candles can release as many carcinogens as cigarette smoke.  So the decision to use natural wax candles was and still is, something they care about.  

How Is Soya Wax Made?

When looking into soya wax suppliers, we wanted to make sure that the wax was not only going to deliver a fabulous soy wax candle product for our customers, but had some ethical values to it too. So we chose an eco candle wax that had the following:-

Non GM (Genetically Modified) Soy Wax

Soy Wax From A Sustainable Source

No Palm Oil or Stabilisers Added

Not Tested On Animals


As to how natural soy wax is made, the process involves taking soya beans which are then cleaned, cracked and rolled into flakes.  It is at that point that the oil is extracted from the soya bean flakes, where it is then hydrogenated.  It takes some real pressure for the oil to be released for the soya bean.  However the remaining parts of the soya bean are generally not wasted and can still be used for animal feed.  Our soy wax is more of a creamy white colour, as we choose not to bleach it white ourselves, nor do we add dyes or any other stabiliser or other oil to it.  Unlike some soy waxes, the one we use is non GM and is from a sustainable source.  

Our soy wax candles doesn't have any crystals, glitter or decorations added inside.  One of the other benefits of soy wax candles is that we find they seem to burn slower and for longer than some paraffin wax candles.  So if you have never tried a soy wax candle before, now is your chance. Our customers have left excellent reviews on our facebook page, and don't forget, we are an award winning soy wax candle company!  

Are Lakes & Hills Handmade Soy Candles in the UK?

Absolutely!  Lakes and Hills soy wax candles are made in the UK.  Not only are they made here, but they are still handmade soy candles and handpoured as well.  Our soy wax flakes are from a UK company and so not only are you assisting a UK candle company, but also with our natural wax too. We are passionate about making our soy wax candles as environmentally friendly as well.  We also try to minimise use of plastic, paper, cardboard, glass and tin packaging instead, which is easier for recycling and using again.  People local to us even get their glasses and tins refilled with soy wax.  We understand the balance of wanting beautiful glass jars and vessels, and believe we have struck a fantastic balance by producing award winning high quality candles, which also have some eco friendly ethics too.