Scent Descriptions

To help you choose your scent of your soy wax candle, we have compiled this list with a brief description, which we hope will help.  We have a range of essential oil natural wax candles and the fragrance paraben free options for you to choose from.

NEW Christmas Scents:-


Frankincense & Myrrh - Fragrance Range - A scent that has a slight incense tone to it.

Christmas Tree - Fragrance Range - The scent of pine are of course evident in this fresh scent.

Christmas Spice - Fragrance Range - Warming spicy scents of ginger, cinnamon and clove

Christmas Fruits - This has the scents of clove, plum, Bois de rose and orange.

Essential Oil Range

Clove Spice - Main scent of bergamot and clove - Wax goes a little darker due to the natural oil colours.

Citronella - Popular with people who have outdoor areas.  We cannot guarantee it helps insects keep away, but many say it does.

Lavender - Lavender, which is one of our most popular essential oil scents.

Lemon & Lavender - Lemon & Lavender is a lovely combination.  One of our best sellers.

Neroli Blend - Main scent of Neroli and Patchouli - Wax goes a little darker due to the natural oil colours.

Peppermint - Just such a refreshing scent, which is also good for the winter months with central heating, and for people with colds and flu


Fragrance Range

Amber & Ginger Lily - Rich and soft scent.  An incense infused aroma, enriched with soft florals of black orchid and spiced waterlily amber with an amber, precious wood and cardamom base.

Almond & Raspberry - After eating a version of Bakewell tart  in a wonderful Lakes cafe, I just had to try and recreate this in a scent.

Baby Powder - Say no more, it is just like baby powder.

Beatrix Rose - A traditional rose scent in memory of Beatrix Potter, who has a very big place in my heart.

Bluebell Woods - Bluebell floral scent.  Inspired by the forest areas of Grizedale covered in Bluebells in the Spring.

Clean Linen - A real fresh and clean scent.  Great for a true clean house smell.

Coastal Breeze - It's refreshing clean and has slight citrus and musk scent to it.  Stereotypical of a coastal style scent.

Coconut - Just the most delightful coconut aroma.  Reminds me of sun lotion.

Cumbria Candle.  This has the most wonderful aroma of amber and lavender.

Honeysuckle - It reminds me when I walk past a certain property in the Lake District, and the scent hits me as I go past.

Lavender & Vanilla - Also known as sweetshop.  It smells just like a sweetshop that I visit in Windermere.

Lemon & Bay - Lemon & Bay reminds me of a day sailing on Lake Windermere.  A fresh scent.

Lily Of The Valley - I wanted a beautiful scent to remind me of the many picturesque valleys of the Lake District.

Lime, Basil & Mandarin - Lime, Basil & Mandarin

Neroli - Floral, citrus scent.  

Oudh Blend - Regal, Arabian scent popular with fragrance houses.  Quite masculine.

Pear & Freesia - Also inspired by a country house in the Lakes, where this floral almost rose like scent aroma filled the air.

Peony & Jasmine - A strong scent but beautiful scent.  Strong but beautiful is how I see the Lake District mountain landscapes.

Pomegranate Pepper - Fruity and spicy

Pomelo - Fruity fresh notes with oranges, mandarin, grapefruit and pomelo.

Powder Room - Smells like a clean talcum powder scent.

Pumpkin Spice - A true autumnal scent with orange, pumpkin, vanilla, clove and cinnamon.

Raspberry & Coconut - A tropical scent of raspberry and coconut

Sandalwood Blend - A musk and sandalwood scent

Sweet Orange & Fig - A lovely zest of orange helps balance out the sweet fig scent.

Sweetpea Garden - Throughout Cumbria there are some beautiful gardens, I just love the smell of sweetpea flowers in a garden!

Touch Of Luxe - Really clean scent, like a fresh linen smell.

Warm Vanilla - For those who like a vanilla scent, but not too sweet as it has a slight hint of musk to it.

Woodland WalkAn earthy blend of sandalwood, patchouli, oakmoss, cedar and vetiver lightened with lavender, verbena, jasmine and herbaceous greens.

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