Soy Wax Candle Design


From the moment we designed our first soy wax candles, we wanted our customers to be happy with how they looked, as well as smelled.  Research from many people, gave us a clear indication as to what people actually wanted. Analysis showed that people were preferring a more simple style of candle, free of colour and overbearing bright branding. People were wanting a candle that didn't stick out like a sore thumb within their home, but blended in nicely.  Colour was also a main issue, as many people would find a candle scent they liked, but the manufacturer had tied it to a colour which did not suit their interior home scheme.  So we decided that our candles would be colour free, which also meant that there would be one less artificial ingredient being added too!

We have tried to keep branding simple but stylish. Our logo represents an art deco style feel, which gives a nod to the Lake District with its many beautiful houses from that period.  The logo also looks like light beams, which we feel is also apt for our soy wax candles.

Our labels are removable, which is also great for those who do prefer super minimalism, when it comes to their interiors.  

Although silver and glass is prominent in our collections, we do try and keep with interior trends of the time, and so you will often see limited editions of candles where the vessels are are different colour or style.

We believe simple is what our customers enjoy, and are always delighted at the lovely comments we get.

If there is any style which you would like to see, we would always like to hear from you.

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Lakes & Hills Triple Wick Soy Candles