Reed Diffuser Care & Safety Information 

Ensure you wear gloves when removing safety plug, just incase you have any allergic reaction. Even if you buy the natural essential oil range, you could still get a reaction, so gloves are always suggested as a precaution.

Make sure that you do all the next steps over somewhere like a stainless steel kitchen draining area, just incase there is spillage. With essential oils and fragrance oils you always have to be careful of the work surface.  Even natural products have the potential to dye and affect areas.  If you spill any then mop it up immediately as you could get surface marks.  

Our reed diffusers are pretty simple.  When the product arrives give the bottle a gentle shake, ensuring that the travel safety plastic plug is still on.  

Then take off the silver cap, remove the travel plug, replace the silver cap and then carefully slot the reeds in the top making sure they are spaced apart.

You will notice that the reeds are a faded colour to start, but as the hours pass they will change to their proper colour.  This is due to the fragrance travelling up the reed.

I always place my finished reed diffuser in a place where it is unlikely to get knocked and damaged.  I also place it on a coaster, so that no deleicate surface can be damaged.  As per the safety label, never put it on a delicate surface.

Raspberry & Coconut Reed Diffuser