Gorgeous vintage style soy wax candles.  Choose from a range of styles and fragrances.


The beauty of this product is that the vessel is so good, it can be re-used.  One use could be as a decorative jar for your dressing table or bathroom.  Place items like cotton wool and jewellery in.  Alternatively purchase our tea light packs and continue enjoying the fragrance and ambiance.


Vintage Rib style approx 10cm wide X 12cm high

Glass Dome Cloche style approx 10cm wide x 16cm high


Light for up to 3-4 hours at a time maximum.

Has around 30 hrs burn time, depending on how used.

FSC Certified Box & FSC Certified Tissue Paper with Soy Ink

Keep off delicate surfaces and read the safety brochure/advice labels.

Different Postage Options.


See Scent Guide Scroll Down For Options & Options on vessel.


Choose one of these beautiful scents for your soy candle from the drop down list, more description on scents are available on our scent description page.  

Vintage Soy Wax Candle Limited Edition