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For those who love their candles to last forever, or maybe you have a large room?  These three wick soy candles are not just super stylish but really give a beautiful glow.  Plus once the candle has finished you gently hand wash them in soap and water (not a dishwasher) and then you can pop three tea lights in which looks really stunning!


Choose from the fragrances listed - Fragrance Range soy candles are Paraben Free and Essential OIl Range soy candles are made with only 100% essential oils.

If you want one in any of our other fragrances, just send a message at the time of checkout


450g Glass sized 120mm (w) x 70mm (H)

Light for up to 3-4 hours at a time.

Has around 50-60 hrs burn time, depending on if used properly.


Gorgeous FSC white box and Christmas red ribbon.

Comes wrapped in FSC Certified luxury tissue gift wrap


Keep candle off delicate surfaces and read the safety brochure/advice labels.


New 2019 Silver shiny snowflake logo. Or you can have the personalised option  Max 100 characters - please input your details ensuring correct spellings at checkout.  If no personalised option is chosen, then the snowflake label is the default.


Different Postage Options.

Three Wick Personalised Christmas Soy Candle

Scent (Description In Information Below)
  • If you wish to return your product, you can do so within 14 days provided you have not used the item, or damaged the packaging.  It is important that no seals are broken, otherwise no refund can be given.  Please note that the customer will need to pay for the return postage, and this will not be refunded.

  • There is a mixture of fragrance range scents and essential oil scents to choose from.


    To give you an idea of scent smell of the soy candles we have compiled a list below:-


    Frankincense & Myrrh - Fragrance Range - This is a real Christmas scent that has a slight incense tone to it.


    Christmas Tree - Fragrance Range - The scent of pine are of course evident in this fresh scent.


    Christmas Spice - Fragrance Range - Spicy scents of ginger, cinnamon and clove are in this warming candle.


    Cedar & Pine - Essential Oil - A fresh clean forest scent of cedar and pine.


    Pomegranate Pepper -  Fragrance Range - Pomegranate Pepper is a lovely combination which has a slight sweetness from the fruit but with a spice to it.


    Warm Vanilla - Fragrance Range - I love the scent of vanilla, but I can find with some vanilla soy candles that they can be quite sickly sweet. So I chose to have a vanilla scent which has some slightly spicy, musk like warmth to it


    Sweet Orange & Fig - Fragrance Range - This is a wonderful autumn style scent with warming scents of orange and fig.


    Neroli - Fragrance Range -  It is calming, sensual, rich and has a sort of luxury scent to it, the scent is a rich floral with a hint of citrus.


    Touch of Luxe - Fragrance Range - A lovely clean, fresh scent. This has that same luxury clean smell with notes of lily of the valley, and white musk.


    Clove Spice - Essential Oil Range- It has clove and bergamot as part of the aroma. This candle does have a light brown appearance due to the 100% essential oils.


    Lavender - Essential Oil Range - Pure Lavender a real calming scent after a busy winters day.


    Lemon & Lavender - Essential Oil Range - A lovely freshness added to the lavender.


    Christmas Fruits - This has the scents of clove, plum, Bois de rose and orange.