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Lakes & Hills have chosen this as their charity candle for the Cumbria winter warmth appeal.  The appeal helps to provide heat to the elderly and vulnerable in the Cumbria region.  More details are given in the information section.

200g Glass sized 90mm x 90mm 

Paraben free fragrance oil used for the scent.  The chosen scent is amber and lavender.

Light for up to 3-4 hours at a time maximum.

Has around 30-40 hrs burn time, depending on how used.

Keep off delicate surfaces and read the safety brochure/advice labels.

Silver Lid and Tube Included.

Different Postage Options.



The Cumbria Candle

  • Lakes & Hills will give 10% (of the profit)  for every sale of this candle to the Cumbria Community Foundation, to put towards their winter warmth fund.  This appeal helps vulnerable and elderly people, by allowing them to have heat and fuel in the cold months.  


    A sad fact is that over 300 people die from fuel poverty in the Cumbria region alone each year.  One year it was tragically around 460 deaths.  £2 may seem a small amount, but it can transform the life of an elderly person by allowing them to put their heating on.  The Cumbria Community Foundation provides winter warmth grants to many elderly people.  When you hear the stories from the elderly, it not only makes you want to cry but makes you pleased that the grants exist to make their lives better.   By purchasing this candle you are not only getting a beautiful gift for yourself or a loved one, but are also putting a little light and hope into another life!  


    We have tried to choose a scent which radiates a wonderful glow.  The scent is amber and lavender, which has a warm, sultry and soothing aroma. When you light it, we want it to give you a good feeling inside. 


    A huge thank you to anyone who purchases this candle!  Together we can make living a nice experience.

  • If you wish to return your product, you can do so within 14 days provided you have not used the item, or damaged the packaging.  It is important that no seals are broken, otherwise no refund can be given.  Please note that the customer will need to pay for the return postage, and this will not be refunded.