100ml Air mist, based on natural essential oils of Lime, Patchouli and Lavender.

Bottle with atomiser dispenser.  

Different postage options available.

Not tested on animals.


Instructions for use:-  Spray in the air away from fabrics and delicate items.  Do not use on humans or animals.


Lime Refresh Air Mist

  • I am not a fan of mass commercial air fresheners, whether they be plug in types or sprays.  That said, I like my home to smell nice in the knowledge that what I am spraying is natural ingredients and not chemicals.  This especially important around my children and animals.


    I developed this fragrance after cooking a curry dish in my lodge in the Lake District.  Although the curry was delicious to eat, I did not want the smell to linger any longer than necessary.  So with my kit, I made a few different air mists and found that this one, not only got rid of the curry smell, but also made my place smell so fresh and invigorating.


    A few quick spritz sprays around and you get a wonderful lime scent.  It sort of reminds me of chocolate lime sweets, and is ideal for many rooms in your home.


    Just spray into the air, and away from fabrics as it has NOT be tested on fabric.


    This 100ml spray lasts a fair amount of time.  You are getting 100ml of product rather than a big can filled with air!


    As with all products, if you develop an allergy for any reason then please stop using and seek medical advice.


    Please do NOT drink it or spray it on humans.  It has not been tested for that!

  • If you wish to return your product, you can do so within 14 days provided you have not used the item, or damaged the packaging.  It is important that no seals are broken, otherwise no refund can be given.  Please note that the customer will need to pay for the return postage, and this will not be refunded.