Aroma Diffuser Blend Kit Comprising of the Essential 7 Set.

15ml of Pure Essential Oil Blends (Bottle says 10ml but holds 15ml)

Not for drinking.  Not for use on skin or hair.

If for any reason you suffer any allergic reaction, stop use and seek medical attention.


More information is available on aroma diffusers on our blog. 

More information on how much oil to use is here



Essential Oil Blends are as follows:-


A video description is available on our blog.


Wide Awake, Focus, Good Mood, Breathe Easy, Kitchen, Tranquil & Chill Out.


Wide Awake to bring a little zing into your morning, it has lime and grapefruit aroma

Focus is to stimulate you, with lemon and peppermint aroma

Good Mood to make you feel happier, with bergamot and ylang ylang aroma

Kitchen aims to help tackle strong kitchen odour, with lemongrass and mandarin aroma

Breathe Easy for stuffy noses and congestion, with eucalyptus and peppermint

Tranquil to help relax you with orange and patchouli

Chill out, aims to chill you out with patchouli, ylang ylang and lavender.


Aroma Diffuser Oil Blends - Essential Set of 7


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