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How to get wax out of carpet

How to get wax out of carpet, is a question that my dear friend asked me, after she knocked a pillar candle (which had not long been extinguished) from its holder. She knows my golden rules about candle safety, but this time her arm accidentally caught a large pillar candle. The result being, she had melted wax all over her carpet. Pillar candles are lovely but because they generally have no container you do have to be extra careful. They look lovely, but as a candle maker I do consider them to be a hazard, and thankfully do not make them.

Do you need a special carpet cleaner?

No. In fact, rubbing it could make it a whole lot worse. Also, if this is a small spot of wax on a carpet or rug, you may be better spot treating it by the method I shall show you.

Should you remove it once you have just spilt it?

You could take kitchen towel, and dab the excess, but DO NOT rub. Let the wax harden. This is particularly important if you have coloured wax spillage. I have known some people have a dye mark afterwards. This is another reason as to why I do not put dye in my soy wax products. Not only is it a dye chemical burning away, but if you do have an accident, you could find it stains.

What items do you need to remove the wax out of the carpet?

  1. Iron

  2. Plain brown paper bag with no print design on, or brown parcel paper, or thick paper kitchen towel.

Step by step process.

Heat the iron to a low temperature.

Place the paper over the whole area, whilst trying to remember the approximate location of the wax area.

Take the iron and work over the area, making sure you keep the iron away from direct contact with the carpet or rug. As the wax melts from the heat, it should absorb on to the paper. Move to a clean section of paper and repeat, until it has disappeared.

So the next time you have a Primark paper bag, you could use the parts which have not got their print branding on! The best advice of all, is to use candles that have a proper container, to minimise the risk of wax on your carpet.

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