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Soy Candles UK (2019) Updated Information

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

A few people have had questions about soy candles in the UK, so I thought it would be an ideal opportunity to answer some of those questions. At present we are busy working on a new Spring collection with candles scents, which we will be popular and firm favourites with you!

Are The Candles Handmade In The UK?

Yes they are! Every single one is made by my own fair hand and I would not have it any other way. I think there is something nice about being hands on with quality control. Wax can be a tricky item to master. It can change with temperature, scent and even the wick. So being able to produce handmade candles in the UK, is an important aspect to Lakes & Hills.

Are Soy Candles Better?

Call me biased but I like to think so. I have not just found that soy wax appears to last a bit longer, but I am not liking reports and research into paraffin wax. I have listed such research in the information centre on the website so will not go through it all again. Needless to say, as soon as I switched to my own candles I no longer got headaches etc, which I suffered from previously. If you are in any doubt, give one a try and see for yourself.

What is the best soy wax?

Well for me it is one that doesnt have all the added ingredients that others have. I don't use a dye in my wax but find (especially with essential oils) that they can alter the colour very slightly. The wax Lakes & Hills use, does not have any wax additives, stabilisers or palm oil added.

Vegan Candles UK

We are proud that our candles are vegan friendly. The wax is biodegradable, has not been tested on animals and contains no animal product. Our scents are also vegan friendly and not tested on animals. We believe that a great product is attainable, without the abuse to animals. We only hope that other companies follow suit, and choose quality of product over profit.

Wholesale Soy Candles UK

Yes, we do supply soy candles wholesale in the UK. To find out more information contact sales@lakesandhills.co.uk.

We can deliver direct to your shops, deal with purchase orders and help with queries for you.

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