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How To Make A Reindeer Sweet Jar

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Learning how to make a reindeer sweet jar, could not be more simpler or fun! These are great as a handmade Christmas gift. You could also have them in your home and stocked up for when friends and family pop round. It is especially fun for children and Grandchildren, who love raiding sweet jars at Christmas.

Sweets and the like can be more expensive at Christmas. I find you get less sweets and more packaging! This way, you can buy the normal sized sweets and just keep topping the jars up!

Reindeer Sweet Jar

If you want to know about the products used in making this item, the affiliate links are below.

Items you will need:-

Glue Gun

Extra Glue Sticks


Mason Jar

Craft Eyes

Bobble Nose

Striped Pipe Cleaners

Sweets to put in the jar!

Step By Step Guide

  • Make sure you cover up surfaces and pre-heat your glue gun as per the manufacturers instructions.

  • Place a layer of glue on some pre-cut hessian which will fit around your jar.

  • Stick and hold against the glass, making sure you do not burn yourself with any glue which might come through the hessian.

  • Glue a circle of hessian on the mason jar top if using.

  • Stick the eyes on the front and the bobble nose.

  • Bend some pipe cleaners to make the antlers, cutting to the right size and adding smaller pieces.

  • Glue the antlers on to the top of the jar. Make sure you are careful when doing this, so you do not burn your fingers!

  • Fill with sweets and put the lid on.

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