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How To Make Christmas Table Votives (Video)

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

How to make Christmas table votives, quick and easily in this tutorial. These pretty little votives are also great for weddings and other parties. Plus this is a great way of re-using votives which may have finished. I like to find ways of recycling such items.

You will need the following items to make the Christmas table votives. Below are also affiliate links to products.

Glue Gun

Extra Glue Sticks


Pearl Decorations

Lace Ribbon

Step By Step Guide

  • Make sure you have prepared your working area, so that you do not damage any surface.

  • Measure a piece of lace to go around the top of the glass. Gently put a thin layer of glue on the lace, and wait for a few moments before placing on to the glass. The glue will be hot so be careful.

  • Stick the pearl adhesive dots on to the glass

  • Place a tea light in and watch it glow

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