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How to make an autumn leaf tea light holder (Video)

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Learn how to make an autumn leaf tea light holder, that glows beautifully! This has been one of my favourite things to make this year, and is relatively easy when you have the right items.

If you wish to purchase any of the items which are used to make this autumn leaf tea light holder, then the affiliate links to each item are below. Items you will need are:-

Glass Bowl

Artificial Leaves


Glue Sponge

Video Tutorial


  • Make sure you prepare your work surface or table with old news paper.

  • Place a layer of the glue around the glass. Do this section by section so it doesn't dry too quickly. The glue I use, dries clear and with minimal mess.

  • Add the leaves, overlapping and positioned in different directions. You will need to add a layer of glue to the back of the leaf. Also, you may need to press and hold the leaves a bit. If there are any leaves which haven't fully stuck, just add a bit of extra glue.

  • Once you have added all the leaves, just run a damp cloth around glass areas without any leaves, to wipe off any excess glue.

  • Allow to dry fully before adding tea lights and lighting.

We hope you will enjoy making these tea light holders. Not only are they great for autumn, but also through the winter months too. I have been surprised at how many people have thought they were shop bought!

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