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Dusky Pink Room Ideas

I am still in love with the dusky pink room ideas that are all over the internet. Whether you call it dusky pink, blush pink or millennial pink, there is no denying that it is still popular. At first it was mainly a theme for bedrooms. However, people have become brave and started using it in living rooms and kitchens.

The tones vary, but I am loving the almost oyster pink shade. When blended with golds, coppers and greys, rooms can look extremely stunning. I have seen some beautiful examples where rooms take on an art deco or Paris boudoir theme, with this colour palette. Mix in texture with furnishings and the whole look is inviting.

Photo Graham & Brown Lotus Blush Wallpaper

Another surprisingly good look is when it is paired with a deep ink blue interior. I am not sure I would be as brave to have it in my home, but if you have the personality to match, then why not? Another bold design phase was when it was paired with emerald green shades. Again, this wasn't for me personally but wow, it makes a statement.

Of course injecting colour into your home can be daunting. So nice touches of accessories in the colour can be a way forward. It doesn't have to have the designer price tag either. Have you got an old table or shelving unit that could be up cycled? If so, there are lots of great paint colours that you could use.

One of my favourites in this shade has to be the Anne Sloan chalk paint. I have used this brand of chalk paint for years. I always used a small smooth rolling brush, rather than a paint brush. I like the smooth look it gives, however use a paint brush if you like that painted look.

Photo Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Antoinette.

Accessories can be anything from cushions, plant pots to lamps. I found that H & M have a fabulous collection. In fact I struggled to choose my favourite pieces in the below collage.

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