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Hello Autumn It's Time To Get Hygge Cosy!

First sign of the wind blowing, and I long for those wonderful Autumnal nights. Nights where I start to light fires, drink hot chocolate with marshmallows, and take deep bubbly baths instead of showers.

Out come the face packs, thick socks and yes candles! I feel quite happy and not guilty, that I can enjoy "me" time. Summer is wonderful, but I now wouldn't thank you for another BBQ, even if the weather did turn nice. Ask me if I want a mug of soup, or jacket potato around an outdoor fire.... and that would be hard to resist.

I feel that Autumn gives me the absolute license to be slightly anti social. I feel no guilt for not wanting to venture out, but instead sit and read a book curled up on the sofa.

Another element I seem to change is my diet. I love healthy eating, so will now opt for warming stews, soups, lentil bakes and roasting those glorious autumnal squashes. As it is not yet Winter, I do try and hold back on the whole comfort eating. This is because December is never good for calorie control and so I don't like to peak too early!

Autumn is where the clothing in the wardrobe gets swapped over. Those floaty dresses and sandals get packed away, and out come the jackets, endless scarves (I never knew I had so many) and long sleeved tops. Lighter jumpers are more prominent, with the thicker woolly ones lurking behind, ready for the winter arrival

One welcome sight for most females (thankfully not just me) is the return of opaque tights. Finally I don't have to shave every day, nor do I have to apply fake tan. Hurrah! I have to moisturise though, otherwise in the cooler months I can develop the skin a rhino would be proud of. Another bonus is that my hair can hide under a hat. Nobody cares if it has kinks in it, or has the windswept look. Autumn allows you to have a carefree spirit. Nobody is fussed probably because during such weather, their hair doesn't look that great either.

The other joy for me has to be boots. Whether they be ankle boots, knee high boots or wellington boots, there is an inner happiness to wearing them. Not only do I find boots comfortable, but again I can relax on the painted nails a bit. In fact, my nails will probably enjoy the rest. My replacement for painting, is pedicures and using plenty of creams and oils on my feet. This has benefits, as those winter parties are just around the corner. I mean who wants to see a pair of hooves in those lovely glittery sandals?

The Scandinavians with their "hygge" concept have got cosy and embracing the cold months down to a fine art. If you haven't heard of their hygge lifestyle, then you can read more about it in an The Scandinavians with their "hygge" concept have got cosy and embracing the cold months down to a fine art. If you haven't heard of their hygge lifestyle, then you can read more about it in an older blog post that I did. Accepting the new season, and enjoying simple pleasures means they have real contentment. We can learn so much from it. Have a read and see if your lifestye could benefit from it.

So Autumn is where you are allowed to relax and chill a bit. Now I don't want you thinking that I turn into some unkempt cave dweller.... far from it. It's just that Summer can be quite high maintenance at times. There is a lot of preening and socialising, not to mention the extra skin on show. Autumn is more laid back. I have begun to like Autumn more and more as the years pass. There is a lot less hassle.

I also get excited with my candle collections too. It is nice to be swapping the scents about to the woody rich aromas. It is where I can test new combinations out in my workshop, and be happy as Larry. Autumn is to be relished, enjoyed and embraced. I hope that this year the Autumnal season will be full of warmth and happiness for you too!

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