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Candle Making

A question I get asked a lot is how do you make a candle? It may sound like a simple task especially if you watch some youtube clips, but you may soon find out like I did, that the whole thing is a lot more complicated if you want to make them commercially. The first few candles I made for myself at home were ok. However, being the perfectionist that I am, I wanted better scent throw, great glass adhesion and a longer burn time. It is then that you realise that there is more to candle making than meets the eye, and why candle makers are reluctant to reveal their secrets and tips. Why is this? Because to get the right combination we spend hours and goodness knows how much money working with the different components. They may invite you to a workshop to make a candle, but giving you the manufacturers they use is another matter altogether.

When I made my first candles, I would get a great set, strong scent but a poor melt pool. The next minute I would get a great melt pool, strong scent and not a brilliant set. Then every vessel you put soya wax in, you would find it behaves uniquely too. So everything was test, test, test. Some fragrances didn't like the soya bean wax, some wicks would play up and it was just a constant battle to get the perfect result. At one point I thought I would never master it, but many months of trial and error, making and adjusting I found that I was happy with my soy wax candles. I was determined that I wanted to produce as natural a candle as possible, so persistence was needed and it paid off. At first, I would give them to family and friends as gifts, but then they started to insist on having them all year round.

All year round creates new problems. When you know about candles, you soon understand that temperature is key. If you have a super hot day in your workshop then candles will react one way.... a super cold day they will behave totally differently. Once you have been through a year cycle of different climates and changes, you then sort of have them mastered!

So soy wax candles can be tricky beasts, but with persistence you gradually just get it. Testing never stops. New scents always get tested to make sure they behave with the wax. This is particularly an issue with the soy aromatherapy candles as the oils are different, however this year I am working with more aromatherapy essential oils to increase the range. So I am sure there will still be a few more hair pulling moments.... but guess what? You guys are worth it!

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