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How To Clean Dirt Off A Candle

Cleaning a candle is fairly easy when you know how. There is nothing worse than having a beautiful candle, and it is covered in dust and dirt. We have given you some quick and easy solutions to this issue, which we hope you will find helpful below.

So what do we recommend for cleaning candles? First, is your candle in a container or is it a pillar candle? There are a couple of techniques for both.

1) DO NOT use solutions like rubbing alcohol (surgical spirit) like some suggest, as it is flammable!

2) Pillar candles can be scratched easily when harshly rubbed. The best way is to take an old pair of sheer tights, cut them from from the knee. Slip the pillar candle inside, and the material from the tights should lift any dust from it. You can then use the tights to gently wipe over the top. If there is still dirt, then follow the suggestions for container candles below.

3) Use a soft paintbrush or baby soft toothbrush to gently sweep off any dirt and dust.

4) Use a lint free cloth to help get the dirt off. Lint free material that is ideal for this, is an old t-shirt or cotton wool facial pads that are smooth. Simply dampen in a little luke warm water which has some mild soap in, then gently wipe over the affected areas. Don't use any harsh chemicals as there may be flammable product in it, and it may change the colour of your candle.

DON'T forget to use a candle lid on container candles. They help keep to your candle in good condition.

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