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Where has my candle scent gone?

Thankfully not a major issue with our soy candles.... However a few people have always wondered why the scent doesn't last in their usual brand of candle. To be blunt, there are some sneaky tricks from some manufacturers, which we are only too happy to inform you about!

First you have to look at how manufacturers regard scent. It is the most expensive part for most candle manufacturers. Some will use cheap foreign imports of fragrance, many of which are poor in quality. If a manufacturer can scrimp on the perfume or fragrance, then that is where they can gain the most profit. Connected with scent is how they mix it with the wax. This is the most interesting bit. One of my good customers loved a candle glass from another company but hated the wax inside. She said it lost it's scent quick and wondered if I could refill it for her with some of our fragranced soy wax, which I was happy to do. When it came to removing the remaining wax, I spotted an old trick. Some manufacturers pour un-fragranced wax at the bottom, let it set, and then top off with a smaller layer of fragranced wax on top. When you are busy sniffing it in a shop, you are none the wiser, because all you smell is the top layer. You will only notice a problem after you light it and after a time or two it loses that initial strong scent. The second trick is for the wick to have a small mould of fragrance around it, with un-fragranced wax on the outside (see this in the photo below). When the wick is lit, you will get some initial fragrance but as the melt pool gets to the outer edge, this is diluted with un-fragranced wax. So in short, some manufacturers only scent the top layer of a candle. Talk about customers getting short changed!

The other issue (not scent related) was that I noticed the glass had been electroplated on the inside. If you look carefully at the photos the colour was peeling away. Sadly I was unable to put the soy wax inside, because I wasn't happy with the fact that this peeling coloured gloop, was going to go into the wax, to then be releasing goodness knows what into her home.

Scent can also go off in a product that has been stood on a shelf for years. Our candles are made in small batches or to order. That way, we know the fragrance will be at its best. That said, candles do have a good shelf life, but being kept for donkeys years that is a whole different matter.

Sometimes with mass produced candles, the attention to detail is no longer there. Factories churning out candles, where they do not pay attention to the fact that the fragrance they are adding, has been added when the wax is too hot. Adding fragrance to overheated wax kills off the fragrance. That is a fact!

Often people will say, why don't you just add more scent? Good thinking, but candle making is not as easy as that. If you put too much scent in a candle then it can occasionally sweat (which is not so much of a big deal), far worse is that adding too much scent means the candle will not set at all. So it is a balancing act and one that candles makers go to great lengths to test.

The other issue with scent throw is the wick. Have you trimmed it properly? What kind of wick does your manufacturer use? Some foreign imports use wicks which have metal in them. There has even been reports of lead being used. We use a paper/cotton style wick which we enjoy working with. It has also been reported by a few people that some manufacturers have been known to only scent the wick.

Lastly the issue can actually be your nose! Have you ever tried a perfume in a shop, walked about and thought how lovely it smells, then bought it to find out you cant smell it on you days later? We can become nose blind. That is why it is good to have a few different candles and alternate using them. I know when I am doing candle tests, I will test four or five and rotate them so I can check for scent throw etc.

It also depends on what type of scent you choose in your candle. For example, there are top notes, middle notes and base notes to fragrance. You tend to find that top notes give you a scent hit, where base notes bring it all together. It is also worth mentioning that top notes can disappear quicker too. So there is lots to consider, but if you are purchasing a candle, you may want to think about some of the above information.

Don't forget we have lots of lovely soy wax candles available in our shop! We can also help customise them for you for personal occasions and events too.

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