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Best Christmas Table Decorations

There is no doubt that Christmas Day is one of the most popular times to make a song and dance over your dinner table decorations. Even if you are wanting a simple Christmas table or some Christmas table centre ideas, we know that the majority of them will involve a candle!

This year, we have pulled out all the stops and provided some lovely fragrances for our scented soy wax candles. Popular candle scents have been Christmas fruits, Christmas Spice and also Christmas tree. However, usual favourites such as lime, basil and mandarin will always be the scent of choice with its zesty fragrance. Scent is very important when it comes to candle decorations for Christmas Day. Each of the above have the ability to nicely scent your room without becoming overbearing. One of my friends cannot cope with going into her mothers house, where she lights a certain brand of paraffin wax candle. She says that it is "sickly and takes over' and so has very thoughtfully purchased her our brand of candle this year!

Some of the nicest ways to decorate a table is through using lots of real foliage such as holly, oranges studded with cloves and branches of festive trees. This was something I did myself last year and was surprised at how many lovely comments I got. It didn't cost the earth either. I made place setting cards by writing on brown luggage tags, which I then tied around a knife and fork.

This year, I am torn between using my personalised candles to display encouraging messages for the coming year to my loved ones and family .... and I am also tempted with some of the tea light holders I have on offer, as some make up a beautiful display along a table. Plus they can be used in your home afterwards!

You could use these along the centre of the table, use foliage and create a woodland themed Christmas table.

Or how about adding some angels? You could then use sparkly table diamonds and other silver items to make your table shine and sparkle.

There are so many different theme ideas you could choose from and although some of the magazines are full of ideas, I do not think they appreciate that not everyone has the budget to go wild, especially if they have a large family with the other usual Christmas costs! If you are on a budget, then keeping a Christmas table simple is often the best way forward. You can never go wrong with a good white clean table cloth, shiny cutlery and glasses. Get some foliage from friends and neighbours, and add some light and ambience with candles. Simplicity can be stunning and the candles create a warming and cosy atmosphere.

For ideas on tea light holders, and personalised candles please head to our shop!

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