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Ten Tips To Make Your Home Smell Nice

Apart from the obvious with air fresheners, is there any other tips to help keep your home smelling nice and fresh? I used to work as an estate agent many moons ago (don't shoot me) and one of the things that used to bug me about home owners, was that whilst their home would generally be tidy, the home would smell quite fusty. By the way, I am totally against those plug in air fresheners, because they just make me cough and sneeze like mad. So if you are thinking of moving house, have a special event around your home, or just want to get shot of a lingering smell then these tips might just help you.

Bath The Dog More!

May sound like common sense, but Fido can give off more doggy odour than you think. I love my dog to bits, but they can start to whiff if not bathed on a regular basis. This is especially true as the dog gets older. Make sure you regularly wash the dog bedding too. Utility rooms are renowned for being dog areas, but it is surprising how many people leave this area not just unkempt but stinking too. A reed diffuser is also a good way of giving a nice smell to a small space too.

Open Those Windows

Yes even in winter with the central heating on, you will need to get some proper fresh air into a place. Even if it is for half an hour or so. Summer can be stuffy too, and it is harder to keep a place fresh, because there are days where the air is just too warm and there is no breeze. Still, keep those windows open as much as possible when you are in and make sure you keep any window vents open. I know some people tuck tumble dryer sheets into the vents, but I would not do this all the time as I am a great believer that fresh air is better.

Carpets, Rugs, Curtains & Sofa Cleaning

If you get down and sniff your carpets, rugs, sofas, cushion covers, throws and curtains, do they smell fresh and clean? If not then it could be time for some upholstery and furnishing cleaning. Many people can wash curtains if they are able to go in a washing machine (take care with instructions). You can also hire carpet and rug cleaners quite cheaply from many places now, which will definitely make your home smell much fresher. It is also quite unbelievable how much dirt will come from your carpets, even if you have had them done not long ago. Anything fabric like, attracts odours and so you could find that this is one of the issues if your home is not smelling so nice. A fabric freshener will work for a time, but the unpleasant scent will return. Cleaning properly is in my opinion the best course of action.

Get Cooking

No I am not joking! If you have visitors or potential homebuyers coming round then certain scents are sure to lure them in. One of my homes was probably sold on the fact that I decided to bake a Victoria sponge cake. Bread was far too well known for being a home scent, as is coffee, so baking a cake and letting the scent fill the room was the idea I used. I sold it on the first viewing, and one of the remarks from the lady buying it was "gosh that cake smells so good..." I worked on the principle that I wanted to make my house feel and smell homely, and cake seems to hit the spot. If you have got viewers coming around, try and avoid fish, curry and anything else strong. That said, my son would probably buy a house scented with curry because he loves it so much! Another technique is to place a slow cooker in your kitchen, fill it with water and then add chopped lemon, rosemary, thyme and other herbs. Put the slow cooker on low and It will then fill the air with a nice scent.

Essential Oils

Yes my love for essential oils return but that is for good reason. First is that they are strong and highly fragrant but second is that they are less likely to make me cough, splutter and sneeze like commercial air fresheners. You can use an essential oil diffuser or you can add some drops to dried out flowers, to make a natural style of potpourri.

Get Some Plants

Plants are great for giving out oxygen and whereas flowers can start to make a room smell after a while, plants are better at helping to purify the air. Palm style plants are good as are many other indoor plants. Next time you are at a garden centre, pick up a couple and put them in the main living areas. Just make sure that they are probably not in the same room as the dog or cat, or you could end up with more problems!

Take The Trash Out

It may be common sense but not emptying a kitchen bin until it is full is not a good idea, that is, if you want a nice smelling home. Make sure you also give the bin a thorough clean too, as any left over food is sure to make it stink and permeate through your home.

Keep The Drains Clean

I know many people use bleach to clean their drains and kitchen sinks etc, but one old lady told me that she would put soda crystals down her sink and then add boiling kettle water. I have to say it works a treat. So if you think that drain smells are coming into your home, then this is worth a try!


Oh there have been some weird and wonderful tips that I have picked up from people over the years. Such as washing your radiators in diluted fabric conditioner, placing a tumble dryer sheet on the rad and using a baby wipe and putting essential oil drops on it, then placing at the back of the radiator. I've not tried any of these tips yet, so please let me know if they work.

Soy Candles

Oh you didn't think I would write a post on scent and not include soy wax candles did you? Well I love them for scenting my home and giving that lovely glowing ambiance. For some great soy wax candles with lots of scent options and sizes please head to our shop.

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