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Best Autumn Soy Candle Scents

Every year I am asked which are the best scents for autumn or fall for your home? Most of it depends on the individual and what style of fragrance they like, so I like to categorise them to make life easier. Looking at the Lakes & Hills range of autumn soy candles, we have a few that should tick certain scent boxes.


Spring is usually where we enjoy zesty fragrances of soy candles, but autumn does not have to be any different. If you are person who feels sluggish and wants to feel awake and invigorated during the colder months then lime, basil and mandarin is still a very good option to choose. If you would prefer a more autumnal scent then the following soy candles have a fruity scent base, with other elements.

Sweet Orange and Fig has that wonderful zesty orange kick but then there is a sweetness to it as well, which is probably helped by it being paired with fig.

I also enjoy pomegranate pepper too, where you have the fruity pomegranate and then there is a slight spicy and pepper note to balance it out.


Other people like a warming and slightly sweeter aroma candle and Lakes and Hills have a couple of soy candles which may just suit you. One which is new for autumn is the warm vanilla soy candle. I wanted a vanilla candle, but I did not want it to be too sickly and sweet, so this one has a nice hint of musk to it. This makes it more fragrant and inviting.

Another warming style candle is almond and raspberry which makes you feel as if you have been baking cakes in your kitchen. It is a very homely fragrance and would be great in spring and summer too.

Rich and Sensual

For people who love candles that are quite musky and have a depth to them then sandalwood blend is fabulous. This one is also popular as a Christmas candle and featured on my own table last year.

Otherwise you have another favourite of Neroli which is not just rich, but it has a great perfume aroma which people seem to be drawn to. For me it has a calming quality to it and dare I say it, almost romantic.

So no matter what type of scent you like, there should be something that suits you. Don't forget that we have different sized candles in the ranges, just check out the shop. Of course if you have any questions or queries I am happy to help, just send me an email!

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