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Autumn Soy Candles To Make You Feel Good

People ask, "In autumn can soy candles make you feel good?" The answer is that it depends on the person, but on a personal level, I am someone who can feel better with a good scented soy candle being lit most times of the year, but particularly in autumn and winter. But why is that?

Autumn is a month where I start to light more and more soy candles. In the summer, the sun is out and you feel a natural warmth. When the wind starts blowing, the nights get darker and you start to feel a chill in the air, you naturally want to emulate warmth again. I spoke about hygge living a couple of weeks ago and I really think we must not underestimate the value of settling in for the autumn and winter periods. Think about bears and other animals which hibernate through the winter, and you will see that they are stockpiling and getting things warm and cosy for the months ahead. I just happen to build up more and more soy candles! However, my husband noticed that I had had a clear out of home clutter, and a bit of an autumn clean through of the house. Last night was a typical autumn night, with wind and rain against the windows, so I lit a collection of soy candles in the corner. He walked into the room, and not only was he greeted with warming aromas, but he remarked on how cosy and snug the lounge looked. Soy candles are a great way of making an ordinary room into something more inviting. To me, soy candles make you want to settle down and chill out.

There is also something very peaceful and calming about soy candles being lit too. It can be all too tempting to have the tv on, but to sit in a room with lots of candles lit, with either a glass of wine, or mug of tea and no television... well, it can be incredibly relaxing. Turning off media of its many forms, is something that I try to do more and more of, even if it is only for half an hour. They say silence is golden, and I am beginning to appreciate that phrase more and more. So last night was one of those nights where I felt good. My hygge living principles were activated and after a very busy day, I was happy and content with peaceful tranquility thanks in part to my soy candles. So, I think we can feel good as darker and colder days come upon us, but we have to help ourselves by implementing the right mood and setting. Ambiance is everything, and candles certainly help create that atmosphere.

So what autumn fall scented soy candles would I choose? Well there are a good few to go at in our collection, with more winter ones being added this month. However, I shall shortly be going through them in a blog post this week, helping you to decide which one suits a particular mood or choice that you prefer.

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