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How do I trim a candle wick properly?

If you do not trim the wick of your soy candle (or any other candle), then you might not be getting the best from your it.

At Lakes and Hills our wicks are practically self trimming, but if you use any other brand of candle, you may find that you need to trim the wick before re-lighting again.

Why is this? Well a lot of sooting, mushrooming and other issues are attributed to wicks being left too long, so if you want to help counteract these issues, then ensuring that the wick is upright and only 1/8'' - 1/4'' in length will be of benefit.

What is the best way to trim your wick?

With the Lakes and Hills candles, you may find that you have to do very little wick trimming. However, you can purchase a specialist wick trimmer which helps you trim the wick at a correct angle, as well as length. Otherwise the next best thing is a pair of very sharp nail cutters. I find scissors extremely cumbersome, as they are usually too long to get a good angle and not sharp enough to cut through the wick unless they are brand new.

Other factors to consider with your candle, is knowing when to extinguish your candle and also how to extinguish your candle. Click on the links of the above words to find out more!

Before I got involved in the world of candles, I too was guilty of blowing out candles, not trimming, not caring about any draughts, not leaving a candle to burn for the correct amount of time, and also letting them burn for too long! Now, I know the right information I get much more out of my candles and feel safer lighting them too.

To find out more about our range of candles, head to our shop where we have a great selection of new and best sellers.

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