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Autumn Soy Candle Time

There are some great fall soy candles being launched this season, so how do you choose which one you might fancy?

We have tried to have something for everyone, and still retain come of our firm favourites such as "Sandalwood Blend" which has a wonderful perfumed rich aroma. However we have some others which may just be of interest to you, such as the Sweet Orange & Fig. which blends fruity notes along with a sweeter rich scent.

The other scent which I am loving has to be almond and raspberry which reminds me of a cherry bakewell tart. I can often be found in the kitchen at this time of year baking cakes, and this candle has fooled many people into thinking that I have been baking when I haven't!

Warm vanilla is another lovely autumn and winter scent, and is perfect for those who love a soy candle with sweeter notes but it has a slight warmth and musk added to it, which then makes it less sickly and more inviting.

I think the feel for autumn this year for candles is fruity, peppery as well as being sensual and warm. For those who love a more perfumed scent, then you cannot go wrong with either the natural clove spice or oudh blend. They remind me of oriental far eastern perfumes and are popular purchases from my male customers.

The other soy wax candle which is great for autumn has to be pomegranate pepper. It is one of those scents that can be great for spring and autumn. Fruity, peppery and just a joyful fragrance that always makes me happy and a in a good mood!

More lines are always being added so keep checking back. Plus dare I say it, but our Christmas soy candle line is about to launch next month. Yes it may seem early, but we have had requests in already!

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