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What is Hygge?

You have probably heard (or read) about "hygge" and wondered what on earth it is? However before I go into what the concept is, I should explain that the pronunciation of the Danish word "hygge" is similar to saying "hue-guh". The more you say it, I have found the easier it comes to you.

When I first began discovering hygge, I was quite astonished at how much of it I was doing, and like the Danes, I too get overwhelming pleasure from it. Probably the best way of looking at hygge is that it is the different ways we can be being super happy and content by being surrounded by cosiness, loved ones, comfort and enjoying simple pleasures.

The Danish make the most of the nights drawing in, and those colder days and evenings. Instead of moaning about autumn and winter, they embrace it. I believe it is this different attitude that helps them make the best of these seasons and maybe makes them happier on the whole too.

The hygge home is an important part of the lifestyle. Some may feel that this is a fad and is just an excuse for some retailers to sell hygge decor to us. However, what has to be realised is that this is not posh or decadent, but homely and stripped back, and is also what the Danish have been doing for years. The hygge interior has lots of textures. Knitted throws, faux fur cushions, blankets and candles. In fact, lots of candles! It is said that the Danish burn more candles than anywhere else in the world. Ahhh.... I always knew there was a place that I would fit right in. Low mood hygge lighting, log fires and candles is preferred to harsh LED lighting. Some have their favourite reading corner and armchair, whilst others love snuggling into their sofa with their fluffy blankets.

Hygge clothing is another element to this lifestyle. There are lots of layers, knitted garments, thick socks and clothes which are comfy. Outside, there will be people wearing chunky wraps and scarves and the all important layers of clothing. Hygge is not just for squirrelling yourself away in the indoors, but going out for long winter walks and taking kids, dogs and any other loved ones out with you at the same time. Being social also seems to be a big element to hygge living. If you are not outside with friends and family, you will be at each others houses having dinner and conversation. Constantly gazing at a phone is not hygge, but engaging in a board game or chat with others, is what a simple but content hygge life is about.

Food is important. In the summer, hygge living is about picnics, bonfires and outdoor parties. In the colder months, it is about inviting people to share food at your table. It does not have to be about fancy food, but more like a big casserole, meatballs, warm bread, pastries, cakes and the comfort food many of us love. The Danish have their own style of comfort foods, but I am sure you get the gist of how in the UK we can place in our own comfort foods like cottage pie, soups and the like. Oh and I must not forget that a glass or two of mulled wine rather helps the experience, or a big hot chocolate with marshmallows. Whatever you choose, even coffee or tea, it is what makes you feel chilled and relaxed that is important.

Looking at my own life, I could step into the hygge lifestyle quite easy. I rather like getting tucked up in the winter nights, especially if I have had to walk the dog in the wind and rain. I am more than happy to get my soy candles lit, get in my pj's and fluffy socks, and throw myself into making good homemade comfort food like bread, one pot meals and cakes. Dare I be really honest, and say I actually prefer this than having to make the effort in getting dressed up to go out? Yes, it is good to get your glad rags on, blow off the cobwebs and go out every once in a while, but for the majority of the time, I am a simple soul, who enjoys the simple pleasures of life.

So hygge is not difficult or expensive to achieve, in fact it is rather the opposite. Why not make a start and check out our soy candles? We have a great selection of autumn and winter candles with new scents being added next week. The new winter Christmas candles will be introduced in October.

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