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Citronella has transformed my life. Sadly, I am one of those people who get bitten by the incredibly pesky mosquito, and within hours my legs can resemble someone with full blown chickenpox. That was, until I discovered citronella. To the mosquito, citronella is something they do not seem to be able to tolerate. Personally, I am against chemical sprays, so to find a natural repellent that worked for me was a massive win against the bug.

You can use citronella as a essential oil mosquito repellent for your skin, which is good but if you have any nice fragrant perfume on (like on an evening dinner date), I find the citronella scent takes over. Although citronella has a lemon like citrus smell, I do prefer it in candle form. This way, it is the air but not overpowering your body. I have taken it to Greece (where I usually get bitten like mad) for the last couple of years, and I have not had a single bite on my legs or arms. This has enabled my body not to become a staple in the mosquito diet.

As well as Greece, I take them to parts of the UK, especially when I may be sitting by a lake as the sun goes down in the Lake District! My friend also has a pond in her back garden and swears by the citronella candle for helping her to not get gnat bites. She find the candles useful when she wants to eat meals on her patio, especially if she is entertaining friends. Mosquitos seem to love the combination of water and warm evenings, and so a few of these candles dotted about stop the biting frenzy.

So citronella oil has many uses, and this is probably one of the most practical in terms of citronella oil benefits. I like to light my candle about 5-10 minutes before venturing outside onto any balcony, patio or garden area. This way, it has got in the atmosphere a bit and allows the mosquitos to clear off.

Lakes and Hills has citronella candles in its range, and is available in the handy travel tin form. If you want it in a glass holder, just send us a message and we can organise that for you.

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