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Outdoor Entertaining Areas

Are you needing some outdoor entertaining inspiration? Although the weather in the UK has been temperamental to say the least, I still love the idea of eating and living al-fresco. However, what I don't enjoy is a sudden deluge of rain, where yourself and guests are trying to get food and table settings back into the comfort of a dry home!

I love the idea of a covered patio area, where you can still stay outside, but are protected from the elements. I once had a beautiful garden loggia, which was great for entertaining and sitting in, and became particularly useful during annoying weather systems. If you have never seen a garden loggia, a great example has been featured below. This picture is courtesy of House & Garden, and is almost exact to the one I had a few years ago. The only difference being that I had mine built with a stone looking brick rather than wood. I do miss it, and I shall be ensuring that I can get planning for something similar, on my next future house purchase.

Picture courtesy of House & GardenUK

It was not only great for sitting in to get shade from the sun or rain cover, but I enjoyed doing a lot of writing and reading in it. It was my preferred place where I would sit with a cup of tea and relax. My loggia was extremely useful when my children had birthday parties, as I would clear the usual furniture, place a long table down it and the children could eat there (making their usual birthday food mess) without me getting heated about any carpet being damaged!

So it is definitely on my wish list again for a new property. I hate to admit it, but I actually used my loggia more than I used my sunroom. This time, I would also add in some of my candles (especially citronella for bugs) so that I can use this space more at night. Some patio heating and a fire pit just on the edge would finish it off nicely....oh plus a glass of wine of course!

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