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Benefits of Lemon Essential Oil

Ever wondered what makes lemon essential oil so great? As well as it being used in some of our soy candle ranges, I have been a fan of it for many years. Not only is the scent utterly gorgeous but it has some other great benefits to it, which at first may not be apparent.

Lemon Oil For Skin

I love a drop or two in a basin of warm water to wash my face. It leaves my skin fresh, clean and ready for applying my daily moisturiser. There are some people who have suggested that this has even helped with their acne, so it may be worth a try if you suffer from this.

Lemon Oil For Coughs and Colds

Not only do I take lemon and honey in warm water when I get a cold, but the lemon oil in my lavender and lemon candle seems to help my stuffy nose. This is just a personal recommendation, it may help you or have no effect. However, when many of us suffer from wretched coughs and colds, I think the more we can learn about how things can help with such miserable symptoms, the better. People with asthma have also mentioned that inhaling lemon oil helps them too, so there may be more to this oil for respiratory issues than we know.

Lemon Oil For Household Cleaning

I have used lemon oil mixed with water for cleaning down my surfaces for a long time. I sneeze and seem to get a reaction with many commercial household cleaners, so this is a great way of cleaning in a more natural way. It is also thought to be one of the most powerful anti-microbial of essential oils.

Lemon For Stomach Issues

People assume that because the lemon has a sharp taste, it will affect their stomach and digestion. It is quite the opposite though because lemon is an alkaline. So adding some lemon to water and drinking, may help relieve stomach acidity and other problems such as nausea.

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