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New Baby Candle

The birth of a new baby or babies is a time of great excitement and happiness. It can also be the most exhausting time for the parent/s. Not only is there a new routine to get used to, but the mum in particular can feel overwhelmed with visitors, midwife visits and health appointments.

I always find that the new arrival gets most of the attention. Everyone buying gifts for the baby and spoiling it rotten... well why not? However, it has always been a tradition of mine to pamper the new Mum in particular. I have found that the more relaxed the mum, the more relaxed the baby. With this in mind, I thought that a candle would be a nice little gift to the Mum and/or Dad. I particularly like the thought of the pure lavender essential oil candle, where it can be lit and the Mum just spend some quiet time with baby.

Lavender is used in many baby products, and I know I used to buy a baby bath that had it in. Of course you can choose any of the fragrances to go with your candle in our collections, but I side with the lavender one because of its reputation.

I also think that Mum needs some pamper time. So she may decide to take her candle to the bathroom, lie back in some bubbles and just have a few moments to herself. As all us Mums know, time is precious, and it isn't long before little one begins it's demands for feeding, changing and being held again!

There are many different slogans for the new baby candles, but you could choose a candle with no slogan if you wish. Either way, I think it makes a nice a thoughtful surprise for Mum's and Dads.

Find out more about our range of baby candles.

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