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Best way to extinguish a burning candle

There are many ways to extinguish your candle, however blowing them out with your mouth is not a great way to do it. Being over zealous with your blow could splash the wax in your face. Plus, with both snuffing and blowing out, I find that you can get those waxy fumes. My other concern is for those of you who have not yet converted to soy wax candles. I certainly would not want paraffin wax fumes in my lungs. For more on this, please check out my other blog posts, under the category of candles & home.

I have found the best way to extinguish a candle, is how I demonstrate in the video below. I have used my large three wick soy candle (available to buy from the Lakes and Hills shop in September) to show how I take the end of my snuffer, and just gently dip it into the warm wax, before gently lifting it out of the wax.

You can get some candle tweezers for this, which we shall be stocking shortly. It is a lot safer than blowing out the flame and you retain the lovely scent in the room that you have been burning.

Don't forget to trim the wick before you use the candle next. Do this once the wicks and wax have cooled.


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