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Useful Essential Oils To Pack On Holiday

If you have ever seen those empty travel sized bottles in a pack, at chemists or supermarkets, then pick them up and use them to put some very useful essential oil mixtures in for your holiday. Do remember to keep essential oils out of sunlight, or they can be affected. Thats why our bottles for the pillow mist and air refresh sprays are sent to our customers in coloured glass. Also mentioned is empty rollerball vessels (which I also use a lot) are purchased easily through eBay or Amazon.


As well as taking Lakes & Hills citronella soy candles, (which helps stop me getting bitten by mosquitos) I take some concoctions with me to help with various things. For example, lavender (as mentioned in a previous blog) is brilliant for sunburn. However, if your sunburn is severe, or you have blistered then you MUST seek medical advice. Do not put neat lavender on super sore skin.

Fear of flying

My husband is not great when it comes to flying, so I place a tiny amount (flight liquid restrictions) of equal amounts of lavender and chamomile on a rollerball to inhale, or I rub it on a cotton handkerchief, so that he can inhale it that way. It helps to calm him somewhat, and stops him digging his nails into my hands.

Prickly heat

Prickly heat is a nightmare for my son, who always gets a patch at the side of his foot. I tried many different commercial lotions and potions, but it never worked until I made a spray of the following:-

1 Teaspoon of Vodka

6 drops of lavender

6 drops of chamomile

6 drops of eucalyptus


Then add

250ml of mineral water.

This quantity makes just over two 100ml bottles of spray and lasts for around two weeks, I never forget to take it, as it has given him some relief for the last few years, Adding a couple of drops of lavender, chamomile and eucalyptus to a bath and laying in it helps with prickly heat too. This can be useful if you suffer with large areas of it, for example under your arms or on your back.

Rashes, sores and chaffing

My son can also get slight discomfort in the creases where his swim shorts are, if he has been non stop swimming all day. One product that I ALWAYS take with me, and have had to lend to people abroad,

is Sudocrem. Sudocrem also has lavender in it, so it is a lifesaver for chapped areas, sores, spots and also sunburn. Most chemists in Europe also stock it, but there has not been a year yet where someone has not needed it!

Mosquito Bites

As well as citronella stopping mosquitos, I make up a further spray of the following:-

2 Tablespoons of Witch Hazel (Chemists and Supermarkets sell it)

8 drops of thyme

8 drops of lavender

8 drops of peppermint

16 drops of lemongrass


8 Tablespoons of mineral water.

Make this a few days in advance to gets those oils all combined, and shake well before spraying. I spray this especially on my legs where I am prone to attack, and I also spray my bedding lightly with it. This may or may not work for you, but for the last few years I have been free from bites.

These tips help me. I cannot vouch it will work for others or you. Again, if in the unlikely event you get any reaction from using any essential oils, then stop using immediately and seek medical attention.

Last of all, have a great holiday!

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