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Rosemary Essential Oil - More Than Just Food

As a passionate cook, I love the herb rosemary to cook with. However, there are more benefits to rosemary than it just being used for culinary purposes. Rosemary essential oil is one of the oils that I frequently use, and for good reason.

Rosemary for mental stimulation

There are some days where I feel sluggish, and just cannot get going in the morning. So, a little rosemary oil added to my body scrub invigorates me, and makes me feel alive. You can also add a few drops to your bath water, but I find that I spend too long in a bath for a morning, so usually the body scrub shower approach is better for me.

Rosemary for muscular aches and pains

If you have had a long hard day, ache from too much activity or have flu, then a few drops of this oil in your bath is a perfect way to help relieve aches or pains. Just lie back, soak in the infused water and relax. Breathe in the steamy air, and lie in the warm water and you should hopefully feel a bit better. For people with arthritis and rheumatism, rosemary oil could help you too. I know a couple of people, who mix a drop of rosemary oil with a teaspoon of base oil (anything like olive oil etc) and then rub it on sore joints.

Rosemary for migraines and headaches

There is nothing worse than a stinky headache, and again you can use a drop of rosemary essential oil, mixed with a teaspoon of base oil, (olive oil fine) and then they will rub it on to their temples and at the base of their neck. I combine it with a massage on to the neck and shoulders, closing my eyes and inhaling the aroma. Drinking lots of water whilst you do this seems to assist me. I often wonder if the combination of the essential oil, massage and drinking water helps flush out toxins. Who knows? But it works for me!

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