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How To Store Your Soy Candle

Once you have got your soy candle, it makes sense to know how to store it correctly until you wish to you use it. There are just a couple of tips below to help you.

Soy candles are different because the melting point of soy wax is lower than paraffin candles. Lakes and Hills soy candles do not contain any wax additives to harden or stabilise the wax, unlike some other candles. We choose not to add stearic acid, vybar, UV stabilisers or colourants. With that in mind, it is useful to store your candle in a place, that is not too cold, not humid and not overly hot.

The majority of the time, a candle in a room (out of direct sunlight) will be fine. However, living in the real world, there are instances in the weather where you may experience a heatwave. So, If you see a little liquid form on the top of the candle, do not be alarmed, its only a little bit of fragrance and soy wax melting. Just light your candle as normal, and it will disappear. We don't expect you to have dark, temperature controlled rooms like us, however it is best to keep your candle away from direct heat and sunlight.

For more candle tips, visit our website where you can find more useful tips on Candle care.

We shall also be putting more useful soy candle features, hints and tips on the blog in the future, so keep watching!

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