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Vintage Home Looks 2017

I came across two stunning room looks, which successfully take vintage pieces and style and make them look polished. I remember when I got my first home many moons ago, and it had more second hand and vintage in it, than brand new items. I just remember trying to make it look homely within my budget, which was at the time was a difficult task.

Nowadays, there is a plethora of great homeware items in stores and online, so you can replicate a look pretty successfully, even if money is tight. I still love vintage items, but I do like it to look well thought out and organised. I have lost count of the amount of rooms I have been in, which have some nice pieces, but they are masked with clutter and untidiness. I also think that you have to have other elements to the room, which are fresh and neat. I particularly love this first look from Sanderson 1860, which is a real boost to a traditional farm house kitchen look.

Photo courtesy of Sanderson 1860 on Instagram.

As you can see with this look from Sanderson, they have made the look tidy and well placed together. Even though the table and chairs are mismatched, it fits beautifully. I particularly love their wallpaper which is from their range called Woodland Toile. Not only would this look great in a kitchen/dining area, but it would make a great feature wall, in a bedroom where you may have eclectic pieces of bedroom furniture.

Talking of bedrooms, I was drawn to a theme provided by Elle Decor on their Instagram account from Brockschmidt and Coleman, which I just adore. I am also surprising myself by liking it, as it has elements of green, which I am never too sure about as a colour scheme. It is a bedroom which successfully takes on that vintage sophisticated feel, but interestingly the pieces are new. So if you are not someone who likes to go into antique shops, then this may feed your passion for a vintage look.

Photo courtesy of Elle Decor on Instagram featuring Brockschmidt & Coleman

I think it is ticking my boxes, because although the primary wall covering is green, there are different tones, patterns and textures. I love the clever layering on the bed and even the flooring gives the room added depth and length. This is what I love about Brockschmidt and Coleman they design rooms that you want to be in!

I have seen a similar paint colour from Farrow & Ball called Lichen, which is not too far from this shade, which may help you if you are trying to achieve this design in your own home,

Which of my candles would I go for in these rooms? I would probably go for one that has lavender in it, which would be soothing, homely and timeless.

Lakes & Hills Lavender Candle.

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