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Rose Essential Oil, Expensive But Worth It!

If I told you that it takes 10,000 roses to make 5ml of essential rose oil, then you may appreciate why this is one of the most expensive essential oils. Not only does it take many roses, but the method of extraction to get it into an oil, along with cultivation of the roses adds to the cost. Apparently the roses are best picked before sunrise by hand, and they are made into oils the same day. If you ever come across 'cheap' rose oil, then do some investigation, as it may be synthetic or may be rose geranium. Rose geranium is actually very nice and is often used in candle making, as otherwise a pure rose candle is going to cost you hundreds of pounds. So, if you are wanting 100% rose essential oil, then do not be mislead, make sure you do your homework and buy from a reputable source. Below is some answers to questions I get asked.

It is certainly one of the most beautiful fragrances in the world, with the likes of Cleopatra who would use it on herself as a way to seduce Marc Anthony. So roses have been used as as a sign of love, way before Valentines Day!

What is the difference between rose otto and rose absolute?

The difference lies in the way the oil is extracted from the rose. Put simply rose otto is steam distilled, whilst rose absolute is solvent extracted. Rose absolute I find has a stronger scent, and is said to produce more oil, so the beauty industry prefers this. Rose Otto, has an extra purity to it and is therefore something that aromatherapists like. I was once told that it takes 60 roses to make 1 drop of rose otto.

What is rose water?

Rose Water is something I use everyday in my own beauty ritual. I shall come on to the benefits of rose shortly, but Rose Water is made in a different way, and is cheaper to purchase. Rose water is basically a by product from rose oil production, although you can make rose water pretty easy yourself using a couple of methods. I shall hopefully give you details in the near future on this blog, of how to make it at home. Of course rose water and roses in general, are not just used for beauty, but the middle east has been using them in cookery for years. Ever tried rose flavoured turkish delight? Or how about Ras El Hanout, which is one of my favourite cookery spice mixtures, which contains rose petals.

Is there a preferred rose used?

The rose that gets used a lot for rose oil is the damask roses of Bulgaria. I understand that the climate for growing roses there is pretty ideal, but you find that this type of rose also grows well in places like Syria, Turkey, India, Iran and China. The other rose used is the cabbage rose, which you find growing in Morocco, Egypt and France.

What are the benefits of rose oil?

Rose oil is reputed to do many things, one of which is helping with depression. Some aromatherapy practitioners mix it with lavender and give their client a relaxing massage, whilst inhaling rose and lavender from a diffuser. Sounds most delightful!

One way that I use rose oil drops is by using it in my facial oils. Rose is well respected within the beauty industry for skin health. It has properties which are said to be anti bacterial, and if you have acne scars it could help with that too.

Rose water makes a great skin toner. I use it after cleansing and before moisturising. I follow it will a rose moisturiser, and I can happily say that my skin has never felt better.

Any notes of caution?

Yes as with any essential oil you have to be be careful when using it. Don't think that adding more of it to something, you are going to see a greater benefit. If you get a reaction, stop using it and seek medical advice. A note of caution to those in pregnancy as well, is that this essential oil as well as many others is not recommended. This is because it is thought to help women during menopause and menstruation, so to avoid bleeding and transfer to the foetus, then I would give this and all essential oils a wide berth, so as to be on the safe side.

Lakes and Hills have a lovely scented soy candle called 'Beatrix Rose,' which although it is not made with rose oil, it is a great fragrance alternative, that is paraben free!

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