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Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

Some people may look at the herb Lavender as 'old fashioned' and something that your granny would stuff into bags, and place in her bedroom drawers. However, I have grown to love this herb, not just for its aromatic smell but for the wonderful uses I have found for it.

I use lavender essential oil in some of my soy candles, reed diffusers and in the pillow mist. My love for lavender has extended to items in my beauty range (coming soon) and the new air refresh launching shortly.

Lavender may be a well known herb, but it has so many uses that it would not be possible for me to list them all here. What I have done is list some of my most favourite uses for Lavender.

Lavender Before Bed

Lavender is reputed to have properties which are said to calm you. An hour or so before bedtime, I will light my lavender soy candle. Then, just before I get into bed I spray my 'night night sleep tight' pillow mist over my bedding. The combination of this means I get a good sleep. I am all for making things as calm as possible before bed. I turn my tv off, read a book, lower the lights and just settle myself down. I usually sleep like a log when I follow these rules. Try not do drink anything caffeinated either, the last thing you are trying to do is 'hype' yourself up!

Lavender For Calming Nerves

Are you agitated about anything? Pressures and worries come in many different forms, and I have personally found that lavender can be quite useful to help take some stress away. My husband hates flying, and I often take some drops of lavender on a handkerchief, so that he can inhale it during take off and landing. I can only take a small amount in a bottle, as there are rules on how much you can take on board with security restrictions, but a little goes a long way!. If you have teenagers taking exams, it may be worth thinking about adding some to a hanky if they are stressed out too.

Lavender for Skin

I use lavender for the skin, for many different reasons. I am no fan of sun burn and although I slap on protection and try to be sensible in the shade, there has often been a spot I have missed, that will be red and sore. I find that a little lavender oil, used neat on the skin helps no end. However if you have a blister or broken skin, then follow the method I mention next for wounds. Also, sunburn is assisted by applying some cooling aloe vera gel. So it is worth having either a plant or tube of gel to hand.

If I get a wound on my skin, you can use lavender oil. Add 1 drop of lavender oil to 100ml of water, get a cotton wool pad, soak it in the lavender water and dab it on the wound. Lavender is a natural antibiotic and antiseptic. I am positive that dabbing this lavender oil water stopped me getting a nasty scar, when I burn my arm on the oven racks.

Lavender for Headaches

If I ever get a nasty stress headache, I have been known to dab 1 drop of lavender oil, with 1 drop of oil (use olive oil or anything to hand) on my temples and just gently massage.

Lavender essential oil has many other uses. It can be mixed with other oils to help eczema, asthma, acne, nausea and a whole host of other ailments. Don't forget that of you have an allergic reaction to lavender, to stop using and go to your doctor.

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