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Teacher Gifts

End of term is nearly upon us, and soon your little treasures will be breaking up to probably send you bonkers for a few weeks!

My youngest is now a teenager and is already non too happy that his new September uniform, is already pretty much organised for September. It has not gone down very well, plus I have yet to drag him into the dreaded shoe shop, where he will probably sulk for England.

Anyway, turning to the candles these make a lovely gift for a teacher, who lets face it, has probably had a belly full of kids for the year and just wants to relax. It also makes a different gift to the usual items that they get. My friend is a teacher, and says she gets a mountain of chocolate right before she is about to go on holiday. It is especially hard when she is on her last minute beach body fitness regime!

These special teacher gifts come gift wrapped and with a tag, which your child can write on. You can choose your slogan and your scent too, all for £8.99. I know a few Mums have bulk ordered and paid for one postage, and split it between them. I love thrifty Mum ideas! If you order a few, then order over £30 is free! The link for this item is here https://www.lakesandhills.co.uk/product-page/teacher-candle-gift

Alternatively we also have some small 100g tin candles for £5.00. These do not come gift boxed, and cannot have a slogan on (due to the tin) but I can wrap them for you and put in a gift tag.

These are in the Lakes & Hills section https://www.lakesandhills.co.uk/fragrance-soy-candles

So I am sure there will be some happy teachers about, when they receive these nice gifts. Don't forget to look us up on social media, the links are

Facebook www.facebook.com/lakeshills

Twitter https://twitter.com/lakes_hills

Instagram www.instagram.com/lakesandhills

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