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Benefits Of Aromatherapy Oils

Over the years, many people have asked me about the health and well being benefits of food and natural products such as essential oils, so I thought it would be good to put what I have learnt into posts for you to read.

Aromatherapy is something that I truly believe the benefits of.  There maybe some of you out there who are slightly pessimistic and to be honest, I was too until I started exploring and using them for myself.  To make the claim that every essential oil would benefit everyone, is slightly ridiculous and so you will never get me stating they are a cure for all. However, for you not to explore aromatherapy could be a lost opportunity.  So with future posts of mine on such items, the only thing I would ask is that you keep an open mind to it. Know that not every pharmacy medicine works on everyone, and so neither does natural alternatives.  

That said, I have had success for certain ailments and problems for myself and family, so I don't dismiss it.  I am all for different ways to solve matters in most aspects of my life, whether that is cleaning, beauty or health.

Why do I like aromatherapy?

I think when I started to use some of the essential oils in my day to day life, I could see a change in how I felt.  Certain aromas make me feel more invigorated, others calm me down.  I then started to use them not just their scent, but topically (mixed with different base oils) for little complaints and niggles that I would get (which the doctors struggled to fix) which were alleviated somewhat.  I also used them in my home and wondered why I hadn't tried them years before.

Should I continue my medication from the doctor?

Under no circumstances should you just stop any medication that your doctor has given you, without consulting them first!  I would also check to see if any essential oil has any side effects for people on medication.  What you have to remember, is that some essential oils are potent in their own right.  This does not mean to say they are not to be used, but they are to be used in the right dosage and application.  I think this just goes to show that essential oils do have power behind them, and so care is needed.  My GP knows I hate conventional medicine.  He also knows I have a long list of medicines that I cannot take and was unable to help me much with certain ailments.  So he was very open minded about my approach to eating the right foods, and using other items such as essential oils to help me.  Some doctors dismiss it, thankfully my doctor is a good one, who listens to all possibilities as well as deals in conventional medicine.  

Are essential oils expensive?

The answer to that is yes and no.  It all depends on what you buy and where from.  Just make sure you read the label.  Does it say 100% pure essential oils?  Or is it one that has been diluted with another oil and is some strange concoction?  My concern is whether the essential oil is from a reputable company, and are they a member of the ATC which is the Aromatherapy Trade Council? Details of members are listed on the ATC website for all to see. Cost of essential oils, also depends on whether the oil is organic or not, and the variety of essential oil can show a huge difference in cost.  An organic rose oil is going to be more expensive than a non organic for instance.  I know in my own products, that even the essential oils I use in my essential soy candle range, are slightly more expensive than the ones from my fragrance range.  However, I know that people want them, so I make them!  It is all about giving people choice.

So yes, shop about when it comes to essential oils, check labels, look at recommendations especially if you have never delved into aromatherapy before.  

What if I have a bad reaction?

Reactions can happen with both pharmacy medicine and natural medicine.  It is always important to read your own body, and if you think anything is affecting you, whether it be pharmacy or natural, then you speak to your doctor.  If your reaction to anything is severe, then you head to hospital.  The only thing I get reactions from is mainstream medicine, but if anything natural affected me then I would not hesitate to seek advice.  

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