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Holiday Journal Buying Time

I will keep my fingers crossed that my husband does not read this post, because I am feeling an urge to splurge on one of my favourite things..... stationery! I have always had a 'thing' for nice notebooks, paper and pens. I have even manage to snaffle the beautiful Montegrappa pen, that I bought my other half whilst I was in the Greek islands last year. He hasn't noticed yet, so I will enjoy using it until he realises.

Whilst many have a penchant for handbags and shoes, I do have an issue with notebooks and journals. I love them. I love that feel of a nice quality notebook, and how it feels in your hands. Then there is the pleasure of writing in it. Or should I say lack of writing in them, because I now have a little collection which seem to be there for show. I just don't want to use and spoil them. It is stupid I know, but my little collection probably means I am bordering on needing therapy.

I have all different notebooks. Some expensive and others not. I have had some for years and others are fairly recent buys. I have a moleskin, which I refuse to use not because I don't write in a moleskin (because I do) but because my eldest son bought it for me from his first wage. It is therefore sentimental. Then there is my gorgeous bright red Kate Spade New York journal, which was a treat to myself when I was going through a tough time. The words 'You Can Never Be Overdressed Or Over Educated' written in gold lettering, dazzled my eyeballs and definitely cheered me up. I do love a bit of Kate Spade, her products are a guilty pleasure of mine.

Today, I have been on Rymans website and spotted so many lovely notebooks and journals. There are two that I am struggling to choose between. However, I promise that the one that I pick will get used, because I do lots of writing whilst I have a cocktail or two on hand. The first I spotted is the gorgeous aubergine notebook by Paperblanks. As I am off to one of the Greek Islands, it will look in place, with its beautiful pattern. Every year I visit a lovely Greek family at their cafe. I call her my Greek Mama and we are now such good friends, that we both sort of treat each other like family. When we are not running out of oxygen talking to each other, I am often sat there writing..... that is until she brings the Ouzo and Raki out. Then the writing gets sidelined.

Gorgeous Paperblanks journal available from Rymans

The next journal is made by Wedgwood. It is totally different to the Paperblanks one, with it's classy black leatherette and gold foil pattern cover. Inside it has a hidden pocket and ribbon marker, which may be useful as I meet so many people on my holiday who give me their card and slips of paper with information on. The Wedgwood journal is also available in white, but I am personally preferring the black version.

Wedgwood journal available from Rymans

So it's decisions, decisions as to which one I shall have. If I could get both I would. I am still tempted. No doubt there will be more that will catch my eye on their site before I go, but I thought I would share these two with you, because maybe you love a journal to write in on holiday too!

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