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Facial Toner Beauty Hack

In the current UK heatwave, I have been using my own made up facial spritz. I just love spraying it on my face to cool me off in the afternoon. I am hoping to get the certificates through to be able to sell this spritz in the near future. However, I noticed I had run out of my concoction, went to make more up, only to find that I was short of one key ingredient. Whilst waiting for my delivery with more ingredients to come through, I thought I would try something that I had my eye on, which recently came into stock in my local Boots store.

My hack is pouring some of this into an empty spray bottle, placing into the fridge to cool for a while, and then misting it over my face. Even though it did not have some of the ingredients which I like in my own facial spray, I have to give this a big thumbs up. At around £2.29 it made my skin feel refreshed in the heat and made me feel a little more alive. I also tested it as a toner as part of my cleansing regime this morning, and it was pretty good! I have temperamental skin, hence the reason why I started producing my own skincare products. My skin likes less nasty ingredients and so it was a relief to know that my skin remained calm. There is a cleanser and moisturiser in the range too. Just make sure you get the right product by Garnier, because it blends in with their other not so natural ranges, that you may find stocked on their shelf.

The product has great information on the packaging, and puts the ingredients in easy to understand terms which is a huge bonus. Plus this range has no parabens, no silicones and no artificial colourants. I chose the rose water one, but there is also others in the range such as green tea, honey and aloe vera.

If you are looking for empty spray bottles, then look for the travel sets that you find in supermarkets and pharmacy stores. You tend to be able to locate them near the sun lotions and travel accessories. They are often in waterproof clear plastic travel wash bags, along with other useful travel bottles etc.

I hope my little hack is able to help you out in the heat, and save a few pennies as well. Those water mists in the cans you can buy are ridiculously expensive and this is a great alternative. Remember to put your little mist bottle back in the fridge to keep it cool for your next spritz session!


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