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Multiple Candle Holder

Lakes & Hills are looking forward to the autumn/winter season where a great collection of candles and holders will be added to the existing selection.

One fabulous candle holder has really caught my eye from John Lewis. It can hold multiple candles, has a hammered metal and mirror effect and would accompany many different home styes quite nicely.

This would be great as a dinner table centre display, as the texture and shades of metal that are different sizes and heights just makes the display have more impact. At £60 it is not your average priced candle holder, but I think that this is a display that you would use time and again, and get enjoyment from for many years. So I would consider it to be an investment piece. Summer months you could use this outside on patio tables, and winter it would make rooms look cosy and inviting. What is there not to love?


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