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Skinny Tan Review

I will start by saying that I wanted to include beauty items into my blog, as (fingers crossed) I want to launch a couple of skincare lines of my own. I am busy sorting out the regulation side at present. Like many other women, I love cosmetics, hair products and skincare regimes. So although Lakes & Hills is predominantly about home products, I have a passion for beauty and health too. This review today is about a self tan lotion brand called 'Skinny Tan'.

I wish to point out and make it clear, that I am not paid to write these blogs by companies. It is nice if they recognise my reviews on their products, but I write about items I love. I am not a blogger who gets paid to review. If I was ever asked to review a product, I would make that clear within the post from the outset.

Over the years, I have just about used every brand going. Some have been great, but others have given me a result where I feel like hiding in the cupboard with a body exfoliator for a week.

The first 'skinny tan' product I used was around a year or so ago. I started with the gradual tanner (cream based) and was pleasantly surprised at the result. I then moved to the 7 day cream tanner and that gave an even better result. After hearing other people rave about the 1 hour express mousse, I thought I would give that a whirl. Amanda Holden is apparently a fan, and her skin always looks nice. She is also blonde like me, so it was a good way to gauge tone. Darker skinned people can seem to get away with any fake tan flaw. However blondes and redheads having a self tan disaster .... well, makes us look, a disaster.

How did I get on with this mousse? Well, this is now my ultimate favourite! Why? Well for starters I don't have to go to bed with it on and get it over my nice white sheets and husband. I can get up early, put some on, have my breakfast, potter about and then wash it off 2 hours later. You can choose how long you leave it on. I would add that I usually fake tan mainly at weekend, as the school run and work interferes on a week day. The colour lasts on me all week, but I do moisturise every day. The colour guide skinny tan give is:-

1 hour - Medium Tan

2-3 hours - Medium to Dark

Overnight - For the darkest tan.

I also like their tanning mitt. It has a velvet like texture and so the formula glides across the skin nicer. Look out for their offers on their Facebook page, because I got a cracking deal of 2 bottles of tan for the price of 1 plus a free mitt! There are stores like Superdrug that also sell Skinny Tan, and sometimes they too have offers. However, I have always found that Skinny Tan are brilliant with their online promotions and offers.

The main reason why I chose Skinny Tan in the first place, wasn't because it contains guarana which helps firm the skin and may make me look skinnier, but it was because it didn't have some of the nasty chemicals found in so many other brands. So although I have used other great self tan products before, it was this one that appealed to me, because it has no sulphates, parabens and it is not tested on animals!

They have launched a self tan oil product which I am considering trying. However, I have a healthy stock of the 1hr express now, and as my cabinet resembles a cosmetics counter, I shall use this up before trying.

My only one request that I would make of Skinny Tan, (cue begging) is that they develop a tanner just for the face. Maybe they have one out, but I cannot find it. A few friends of mine have slight blemishes and age spots and want to find something to help these issues be less visible with self tan on. I can only recommend that people exfoliate well, moisturise and then carefully apply a little extra moisturiser to the zones on your face that you have problems with, before applying self tanner. A gradual cream tanner for the face may help as well. If I find any further tips for facial self tanning, I will share them with you, because I know it is a problem that many people have asked me about. My quest to find answers for you will continue!


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