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SBS Winners!

I think it is perfectly acceptable to dedicate this blog post today to the award Lakes & Hills won last night. To say we are delighted and overwhelmed at all the support is an understatement. Just getting the message (see below) from former Dragons Den investor Theo Paphitis was a moment where I pinched myself a bit. I then re-read it about five times before it began to sink in!

It certainly makes all the long hours, occasional frustration and late nights worthwhile. It makes me even more determined to tell other potential entrepreneurs that if Lakes & Hills can be born from brass buttons, blood, sweat and tears, then you can do it too! If you are determined enough and have perseverance then you will get there. Lakes & Hills still has lots more to offer in the future. It is awards like this that fill me with delight, and spurs me on to keep on going.

Thanks again to Theo Paphitis, the SBS sponsors and SBS family. Together, British business will continue to go from strength to strength. I also thank those around me and my fabulous customers. Without you all, the journey would not be half as enjoyable.


Lakes & Hills

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