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Stay Safe

We all love our candles and deep down, we all know the safety points associated with them, but we can become absent minded at times. Only this week four children had to be rescued from a house in Rhyl, after a fire started in a bedroom. The candle had been left unattended. Thankfully nobody suffered significant damage or was killed, but the story could have ended much worse.

So although it is boring, here is a quick run through as a reminder. Every Lakes & Hills candle does have a safety sticker underneath and there is usually an information guide included as well.

Here are some important points:-

Keep candles away from draughts

Do not leave near children and pets

Do not leave candle unattended

Do not place near soft furnishings

Do not place near flammable items

Keep the wick trimmed 1/4 of an inch.

Do not move candle until it has properly cooled down

Only keep lit for the specified amount of time.

For more candle tips and information go to our webpage here.

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