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Make A Feature Of Tea-Lights

Lakes & Hills will be launching their new tea-light selections in the next few days. But how can you make your tea-lights stand out rather than be in a boring, slightly dull run of the mill container? Tea-lights stand out by twinkling away, but they never hold that much scent throw due to their size, so they need a bit of help with some clever votives and holders.

Photo courtesy of kellyhoppenhome on Instagram

I was inspired today by the designer Kelly Hoppen, who has a stunning set of three tea-light holders in for £20.00 Why do I like them? Because they are fuss free. I like their simplicity and the fact that they go with many different themes in the home.

She describes them as being like 'sea urchins', but I find them totally elegant, stylish and affordable. If you take into consideration just how many times you will use these holders, then it is a classy and inexpensive style feature for your home.

I like that they are in a set of 3 as well. I like odd numbers with things like this, as they place better. I can get most annoyed when a shop sells holders as a set of 2.

If you want to purchase them they are available on www.kellyhoppen.com

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