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Lakes & Hills - A New Blog!

I know my customers love information! So I thought that a blog would be a welcome addition to the website. I cannot wait to bring you more interesting items on this blog other than this initial welcome. It won't be just about candles either. Sometimes I may write about health and beauty issues. It may be that I come across great interior design and home decor items, so will feature that too, Let me know what you would like to see. You are my customers and in my world, you are the most important people of all.

I am busy developing some great stuff, such as gift sets and bespoke and unique candle collections. Then there are the current tests on the large 3 wick and crackling candles. The beauty side of things is another line I want to add. It comes with more technicalities but I am determined to bring some great natural products to you. I'm focused (dare I say it) with preparing for scents as well for autumn and winter. That said, whilst the sun is shining in the UK I shall not start talking abut cold and miserable nights. I think we have had enough damp days in the last year; summer in the UK is something we just want to hold on to for a while. So whilst the temperatures rise, it is the time to get those candles out for parties, bbq's and events you may be holding.

Can I thank you all again for being great customers, and if there is a popular scent that you would love me to stock then let me know, because I may be able to add it.

Much love - Emily x

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