Why Soy Candles?

Our candles are made from soy wax, with a natural paper or cotton wick. The scent options are 'fragrance' and 'essential'.  Fragrance candles have scent that is not 100% pure essential oils, although they are paraben free. Our essential oil candles are made from 100% essential oils.  We also hoping to get a natural unscented candle option available as well.  Should you want this, please contact us and we can arrange this for you.
We do not add ingredients like palm oil, or additives to our wax.
The wax contains no GMA and comes from a sustainable source.


Why do we not use paraffin?

Many manufacturers use paraffin because it is cheaper, plus it is generally easier to work with. Soy wax is harder to work with, so people often lose patience working with it.   Using soy wax like we do, is a labour of love, but we think using soy wax is worth it. 

We also use a safer non cored paper and occasionally cotton wick.  Some wicks from other candle makers have been known to contain lead or metal in the centre.  In tests, our wicks work well, with them not extinguishing unecessarily.

Scent Throw

I like a nice scent throw from my candles but I do not like to be choking from an overpowering scent.  Too strong a scent and I am coughing, sneezing and spluttering in next to no time.  I also hate it if I buy a candle and the scent disappears.  I was once told that there are manufacturers who will double pour a candle.  At the bottom they will place unscented wax, and then pour a layer of scented wax on top.  This way they save money, and the customer is none the wiser.  Most customers buy in person and will open the lid, smell the scent and will never know that it has been double poured with plain wax.  I would never and will never short change my customers in this way! We have tested and re-tested so that we get the best scent throw possible, without compromising the way the candle burns.  Some scent combinations do not work well with soy, so we will not produce them.  We think we have managed to produce decent candles that have the benefits of soy.  Some of our scented candles are stronger than others, but we think that gives the customer a choice.