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Soy Wax Candles


Soy wax candles hand poured in the UK. Just because our candles are more naturally focused, does not mean we compromise on scent quality.  We produce scented candles that actually work.  We do not double pour with an unscented layer at the bottom, like some manufacturers do, just so they can save costs on scent.  Every bit of our soy wax candle is designed to give you great scent from start to finish.  Our Soy wax candles UK based, and definitely made with love!  If you enjoy luxury scented candles but also care for the environment, then you have come to the right place.  Lakes & Hills produce a range of goods, mainly focusing on our soy wax candles that are hand-poured for quality. Getting a handmade candle from Lakes and Hills, means that you are not purchasing a mass production candle from a factory.  Our high quality candles and goods, which you buy from our online candle shop, are always checked by us.  Our Lake District candles have been inspired by the beauty of this most spectacular part of the UK.  Of course being inspired with candles in Cumbria is just the start.  We like to support the area wherever we can, which includes making voluntary donations to Cumbrian charities and fundraisers.  Making candles with soy wax, is not just a job, it is an absolute pleasure!  Whether you are looking for a romantic candle, fireplace candle, candle for men, Lake District gift or a candle for a particular room in your home, we will have something to suit you.


Our Soy Wax Candles UK Are Made Using:-


  • Non GM soy wax

  • Wax from a sustainable source means we stay eco friendly

  • No palm oil or other additive is mixed into our natural wax

  • Cotton and Paper wicks,  with no metal/lead core wicks

  • Wax and fragrances not tested on animals.

  • Paraffin free candles

  • Fragrance that is paraben free

  • Essential oils that are 100% essential oil with no mix.

  • FSC certified boxes

  • FSC acid free, soy ink based tissue paper

  • Eco friendly recyclable and reusable vessels.

  • Vegan Candles UK

  • All candles are hand poured soy candles UK

We have a range of glass jars, tins and votives for our natural wax candles, and take great pride in producing the best scented candles possible.  Whether you choose our fragrance range or essential oil range, each award winning soy wax candle is made with the same care and attention.  We believe that natural candles are not only the way forward, but are some of the best scented candles around!  You can learn so much more about soy wax and soy wax candles by visiting our information menu.  We also have many useful videos and tips on the information pages too about candles and candle care.

We are also able to assist with customised and corporate soy candles too.


Lakes and Hills hope that you will enjoy our products, and support this small, but very caring British company.  A company that makes Lake District candles with love and care.

Custom orders are also taken for companies, weddings, birthdays, funerals and other events. Please contact us for further information so we can discuss your requirements.

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